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 Certified translations

Certified translations can only be provided by certified (or "sworn") language professionals.

These are translators or interpreters appointed by a court. They are registered as professionals qualified to act on behalf of a Court of Appeal before which they have sworn an oath of office.

The duties of certified language professionals

Court-appointed language professionals can be called upon by the police or the courts to provide translation or interpreting services in the context of an interrogation, detention, or arrest for example, or in the course of judicial hearings.

They may also be required to assist barristers, solicitors and their clients.

As court-appointed experts they are also empowered to furnish certified translations of official documents and to provide interpretation services on official occasions (signing of deeds, wedding ceremonies, driving examinations, etc.).

Elke Albrecht is Atidma’s certified translator, qualified to perform or validate translations from German into French, and vice versa.

Which documents need to be translated and validated by certified translators?

There are a number of cases where certification may be required. If you think you may need a certified translation you can check with us or contact the authority or administration requesting the document.

The following documents typically require certified translation:
- civil registrar documents (birth certificates, marital status certificates, wedding certificates, death certificates…)
- identity papers (identity cards, passports, driving licences, certificates of good conduct)
- diplomas, examination results, vocational training certificates
- court and other legal documents (judgments, requisition, employment or commercial contracts…)
- applications for adoption
- notarial acts (wills, deeds of sale, powers of attorney, company statutes, proof of incorporation…)
- writs and summonses.

What is the difference between a normal and a certified translation?

Its official status.

All documents certified by court-appointed experts are legal documents. The stamp and signature of the expert and a unique identification number is added to every page of both the original document and its translation.

To what extent are translations certified under the auspices of a French court valid elsewhere?

Translations certified by a court-appointed professional are valid in all French departments and territories.

Their validity in other countries depends on the bilateral agreements passed. You can enquire as to the status of translations certified by French appointed translators by contacting the embassy or consulate of the country concerned, or the administration or court requesting the translation.

How do I obtain a certified translation?

Certified translations can only be provided if the translator is supplied with the original document or an officially certified photocopy thereof.

We will therefore ask you personally to deliver the documents to be translated, or to have them delivered to us by registered letter with recorded delivery.

We will then hand over the translation to you in person, or send it to you by registered and recorded delivery.

If time is a problem you can first fax us the document, or scan it and send it by e-mail; this will allow us to start on the translation as soon as possible.

Are there special payment conditions for certified translations?

Certified translations will only be delivered upon receipt of payment, by cheque or bank transfer payable to ATIDMA.

With the translation you will also receive an invoice made out in your name.