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210 rue du Bois
38140 Apprieu - France

Tel. +33 (0)6 69 27 45 38

E-mail : contact[at]

SIRET 484 937 487 000 45

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 Our Quality assurance

Atidma complies with the recommendations of France’s quality standard for translation services (FR EN 15038), as ratified by the European Committee for Standardisation.

- An entirely in-house operation
we translate solely into our mother tongue or into a language of which we have perfect command. Occasionally, for requests for which we do not possess the necessary skills or working languages, we entrust translations to outside collaborators with whom we have a longstanding working relationship. However, we always proof read these translations in full in-house before sending them to the customer.

- Three languages, one principle We are specialised in the languages from which we translate (German, English and French) and the cultures they convey, and we will pay particular attention to the cultural references embodied in your texts.

- Quality and fidelity
Quality translation is not just about sense and style; we work on the coherence and precision of the terminology deployed, and we are committed to ensuring that the structure and syntax of our texts are both clear and correct. For we insist that our translations are pleasing to the ear!

- Innovative tools
We use translation memory technology and project-specific terminology management. These tools help us ensure that the style and terminology of our translations conform to clients’ needs. Terminology quality control is a continuous and long-term process, the fruit of experience and exchange. You can access some of our glossaries from our website.

-  A culture of respect
We treat all the information our clients entrust to us with the highest confidentiality. The deadlines we fix together are to be rigorously respected.

- Research and documentation
Excellent language skills and a good shelf of dictionaries contribute to the translator’s stock in trade, but they are far from sufficient! Our clients subject areas will need to be explored, and their specific terminology developed. We will improve our understanding of your activity before finalising any translation of your documents. We also regularly update the state of our knowledge in our fields of translation.

- Professional training
Language and translation technology is in constant development. We are committed to maintaining the state of our art, whether it be in our linguistic domains or in the technical tools upon which we rely. This implies, amongst other activities, that we regularly attend training courses both in France and overseas, participate in professional conferences and read on a daily basis the press and forums specialising in our working languages.